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Job announcement

Center for socio-cultural research announces a competition for the position of Research Intern. Undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of HSE are invited on a competitive basis.

The maximum of 100 points can be scored during the competition.


Requirement to candidates:

1. Specialization: psychology, sociology, demography (max 20 points)

2. Fluency in SPSS, Mplus, or R (max 10 points)

3. Fluency in written and spoken English (assessed by the quality of publications and the results of the interview-max 20 points), language certificatecan be credited instead of the interview

The candidates with publications in Russian or English (articles in journals) (max 10 points), and able to use the system of electronic surveys 1KA (max 10 points) will have an advantage.

It is possible to combine this work with study.

Experience of participation in research projects is welcome.


To participate in the interview and the competition, please attach your CV with your name, contact details, information about your education (if you have a diploma, please attach a copy); also describe what types of work you are able to perform in the statistical packages (SPSS, Amos, Mplus) and your experience of English language proficiency, as well as attach the publications (if any).



- part-time;

- flexible schedule (the candidate meets with the laboratory staff to determine tasks, deadlines, to submitthe reports);



1. Prepare scientific reviews in Russian and English on the topics of the laboratory project.

2. Select articles in English and Russian from electronic databases on specific topics.

3. Perform calculations using statistical packages.

4. Data entry in SPSS.

5. Conduct surveys.

6. Prepare online surveys in the 1KA system.

7. Promote the master's programme in social networks.

8. Translate scientific texts from Russian into English and from English into Russian.


Please send your CV and other documents required for the interview to three email addresses: ekaterinaosipov@yandex.ru, lebedhope@yandex.ru, tatarko@yandex.ru marked. Please state "Vacancy in Center for Socio-Cultural Research" in the subject line. For more information please contact Ekaterina +79165522504.


The deadline for documents submission is March 15nd, 2020.


After reviewing the documents, you can be invited for a face-to-face interview.


The results of the competition will be announced on March 27th, 2020.


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