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VI International Research Conference “Culture in Society, Between Groups and Across Generations”

Мероприятие завершено

Dear colleagues!


It is a pleasure to invite you to the VI International Research Conference “Culture in Society, Between Groups and Across Generations”. The conference is organized by the International Laboratory for Sociocultural Research (https://scr.hse.ru/), National Research University “Higher School of Economics” and will take place in Moscow, Armyanskiy pereulok, 4/2 on April 5-6, 2019.


The Higher School of Economics International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research (ILSCR) under the supervision of prof. Nadezhda Lebedeva (HSE, Moscow, Russia) and prof. Klaus G. Boehnke (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, HSE, Moscow, Russia) is a leading Russian research center with focus on the research in the fields of intergroup relationships, social and cross-cultural psychology, and annually holds an international conference “Culture in Society, Between Groups, and Across Generations”.


Topics of the conference

Individual values and value transmission

Changing Identity

Intergroup relationships

Social Capital and trust

Economic attitudes, poverty, and economic disadvantage

Developmental Psychology

Psychology of Education

Health Psychology


Key Speakers

Dr. Nadezhda Lebedeva (HSE, Moscow, Russia)

Dr. Klaus Boehnke (Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany, HSE, Moscow, Russia)

Dr. Marta Fulop (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary)

Dr. Richa Awasthy (Ambedkar University Delhi, India)

Dr. Alexander Tatarko (HSE, Moscow, Russia)

Conference Program

April 05, 2019







Welcoming remarks and introductory words – room 310




Room 310



Room 311



Individual Values and Value Transmission


Chair: Klaus Boehnke




Richa Awasthy, R. K Gupta

Unravelling the Layers of Indian Culture and Worldview


Ekaterina Bushina, Tatiana Ryabichenko

Values of Russians in Russia, Latvia and



Klaus Boehnke, Erhabor S. Idemudia

Value Preferences, Xenophobia, and Wellbeing among African Migrants to Europe

Psychology of Education I



Chair: Lucia Bombieri




Olga Abramova

Innovative vs Bureaucratic Organizational culture for Proactive behavior of students


Lucia Bombieri

Values and Acculturation Expectations among Education Practitioners


Maria Bultseva

"Little M" Experience in the Home Country University, Cultural Competence and Creativity of Russian Students






Intergroup Relations I

Chair: Nadezhda Lebedeva,

Zarina Lepshokova




Zarina Lepshokova, Dmitry Grigoryev

Two Ways Towards Life Satisfaction Of Migrants: A Case When Both Integration And Separation Behavior Can Be Adaptive


Dmitry Grigoryev, Anastasia Batkhina, Dmitrii Dubrov ,Tomas Jurcik

Interetnic Ideologies and Intergroup Bias in the Russian Context


Nadezhda Lebedeva

Intercultural Relations across the post-Soviet countries


Kristina Velkova

Multiple Identities as a Predictor of Intercultural Attitudes of Russians

Psychology of Education II
(section in Russian)


Chair: Olga Pavlova




Reseda Khairutdinova

Attitude of Russian teachers to cultural diversity in society and class


Chulpan Gromova

Migrant children in elementary school: attitudes and practices of Russian teachers


Olga Pavlova

Arabic language in the context of intergroup interaction: a socio-psychological analysis


Natalia Lebedeva

Math self-concept as a predictor of women's career choice in STEM



Coffee break – room 413



Intergroup Relations II


Chair: Nadezhda Lebedeva,

Zarina Lepshokova




Anastasia Batkhina

Values and Intercultural Communication Apprehension as Predictors of Conflict Styles in Intercultural Conflicts


Tatiana Ryabichenko , Nadezhda Lebedeva

Intercultural Relations in Georgia


Tatiana Permyakova

Facing controversial issues in Russia and Taiwan


Victoria Galyapina

Ethno-Cultural Norms Conservation, Ethnic, National and Regional Identities, and Adaptation of Forced Migrants from the South Ossetia

Environment, Economic Behavior and Health


Chair: Elena Sautkina,

Tomas Jurcik




Tomas Jurcik, Anastasia Onatskaya, Karina Grigoryan, Helen Kovalenko, Lucia Bombieri

Psychodiagnostic practices in Russia


Elena Sautkina

What is in the mix? Social, health and neighbourhood effects of mixed tenure policies


Marya Efremova

The Impact of Socioeconomic Environment in Childhood on The Big 5 Traits


Ekaterina Maklasova

Climato-Economic Imprints on Collectivism in the regions of the Russian Federation

April 06, 2019



Room 2 02



Room 2 1 2



Social Capital and Trust


Chair: Márta Ilona Fülöp





Dmitrii Dubrov

Generalized Trust as a Factor of Positive Intercultural Relations in Moscow


Alexander Tatarko

Social capital, Acculturation attitudes, and Sociocultural adaptation of Migrants from Central Asia and South Korea


Natalia Volkova

Generational cohort differences: effects of psychological attachments and organizational culture


Márta Ilona Fülöp, Olena Shklyaeva

Fair and unfair competition in the workplace: Hungary and China

Young Researchers Section


Chair: Maria Bultseva





Ruben Hovhannisyan

A cognitive model of Anorexia Nervosa


Fatikha Agisova

Political Ideologies and Environmental Concern in Kazakhstan


Nur Juazlina Binte Mohd Ali

Coping Strategies of Teachers in Singapore: The Impact of Occupational Stress, Personality, and Years of Service


Eustacia Morris

Ethnic density effects on acculturation and adjustment: The case of Zimbabwean immigrants living in South Africa


Ekaterina Vasilyeva

Communication barriers perception in multicultural setting of Singapore



Final discussion – room 202