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The laboratory staff at the 24th International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology Congress (IACCP)

The 24th International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology Congress (IACCP) was held in Guelph, Canada on July 1-5, 2018. The Congress was attended by more than a thousand representatives of almost all countries (the USA, Canada, Russia, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, etc.) engaged in research in cross-cultural psychology. The laboratory staff presented the results of their research in Russia and other countries, took part in discussions and thematic round tables.

The Congress opened the report of the head of IL SCR Nadezhda M. Lebedeva - "Multiculturalism and Intercultural Relations on Post-Soviet Space” as a keynote speaker. The report aroused great interest and discussion among the participants of the Congress.

John Berry was the organizer of the invited Symposium "Multiculturalism: International Perspectives", where he presented the report " How Shall we all Live Together?" and Nadezhda M. Lebedeva presented the report "After the Collapse of the USSR: Difficult Paths towards Multiculturalism".

Laboratory staff presented 24 reports affiliated with HSE:

A. D. Espinosa, E. A. G. Fierros, O. B. Cruz, B. M. García, J. W. Berry - The Adaptation of Indigenous Internal Migrants in Mexico: Acculturation Strategies with the Larger Society (session “Acculturation/Cultural Variation”)

V. Ponizovskiy, L. Grigoryan, U. Kühnen, K. Boehnke. Social Construction of the Value-Behavior Relation (symposium “Values, Norms and Beliefs”).

R. Arant, K. Boehnke - Are Personal Values Less Stable than We Think? Results from a Comparative Longitudinal Study with German Exchange Students in the US, Europe and Latin America (symposium “Values, Norms and Beliefs”).

A. Stanciu, E. H. Witte, K. Boehnke - Introducing the ‘Distribution Approach’ as an Alternative Methodology to Empirically Arrive at Value Priorities at the Culture Level (symposium “Values, Norms and Beliefs”).

E. Bushina, T. Ryabichenko - Comparative Study of Values of Russians in Russia, Latvia and Azerbaijan (session “Acculturation/Cultural Variation”)

V. Galyapina, N. Lebedeva - Intergenerational Value Transmission and Well-Being of Adolescents from Ethnic Russian Minority in North and South Caucasus (session “Acculturation/ Intergroup Relations”)

D. Dubrov, А . Tatarko - The Impact of Family Social Capital to Intergenerational Value Transmission (session “Values, Norms and Beliefs”)

D. Dubrov, D. Grigoryev- Assimilationism, Multiculturalism, Colorblindness, Polyculturalism in the Russian Context (poster session “Lifespan Development/ Organization/ Diversity”)

M. Efremova, O. Poluectova, S. Breugelmans - The Effects of Adult and Childhood Poverty on Individual Psychological Characteristics: The Case of Russia (session “Lifespan Development”)

Z. Lepshokova, N. Lebedeva - Discrimination, Perceived Segregation, Acculturation and Psychological Well-being: the Case of North Caucasian Migrants in Moscow (session “Acculturation/Cultural Variation”)

Т . Ryabichenko, N. Lebedeva - Place Identity and Psychological Adaptation of Russian Ethnic Minority in Georgia and Latvia (session “Acculturation/Cultural Variation”)

А . Tatarko, Z. Lepshokova, D. Dubrov - Trust as a Moderator of the Relationship among Attitudes to Ethnic Diversity and Acculturation Expectations of the Host Population (session “Multiculturalism”)

Y. Azghari, E. Hooghiemstra, Fons J.R. Van de Vijver - The Historical and Social-Cultural Context of Acculturation of Moroccan-Dutch (poster session “Acculturation/Cultural Variation/ Change/ Neuroscience”)

G. Demirel, K. Yağmur, Fons van de Vijver - The Relationship between First and Second Language Reading Skills of Turkish Bilingual Children in France, Germany & The Netherlands (session “Acculturation”)

S. Arikan, Fons Van de Vijver, K. Yağmur - Toward an Interpretation of the TIMSS and PISA Performance Gap of Mainstream and Immigrant Students in Europe (session “Acculturation”)

A. Pekerti, Fons Van de Vijver, M. Moeller, T. Okimoto - Role of Intercultural Contacts and Resources in Acculturation: A Study of International Students in Australia (session “Acculturation/ Intergroup Relations”)

M. Schwarzenthal, M. K. Schachner, L. Juang, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver- Reaping the Benefits of Cultural Diversity in Schools: Classroom Cultural Diversity Climate and Students’ Intercultural Competence (session “Multiculturalism”)

D. Meiring, C. Hill, A. Nel, Fons Van de Vijver, V. Fetvadjiev - Unravelling the Factor Structure of the South African Personality Inventory: A fifteen- year journey (symposium “Cultural Variation”)

L. Daouk-yry, P. Zeinoun, L. Choueiri, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver - A Mixed-methods Study of Personality Conceptions in the Levant: Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank (symposium “Cultural Variation”)

M. Bender, L. Tavitian, N. Cittert, B. G. Adams, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver - When Including others Mediates the Relationships between Identity and Well-being across Dutch and Lebanese Youth (symposium “Multiculturalism”)

N. Svirydzenka, B. G. Adams, Fons J. R. Van de Vijver - Inclusive Identity and Multicultural Attitudes as Factors in Academic Engagement and Motivation in Black Asian Minority Ethnic (BAME) and White British youth in the UK (symposium “Multiculturalism”).

D. Thomas, W. Gabrenya, C. Ward, Y. Liao, Fons Van de Vijver - Cross-cultural Competence to Cultural Intelligence: Measuring that Certain Global Something (symposium “Cultural Intelligence”).

Also Prof. Berry was the discussant at the Symposium “Multiculturalism”, and Professor Fons J.R. Van de Vijver was the discussant at two paper sessions “Intergroup relations, Stereotypes & Prejudice” and “Biculturalism” and as the current President of the International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology (IACCP) made a report on the current state of research in the field of cross-cultural psychology.

On the penultimate day of the Congress, the new President of IACCP was introduced. It became Deputy head of the IL SCR, HSE, Professor at the University of Jacobs, Bremen, Germany Klaus Boehnke. The new President of IACCP shared future plans of the Association during his speech.

The laboratory staff had the opportunity to get feedback on their reports from foreign colleagues and discuss possible cooperation for cross-cultural research on their topics.