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Sessions of the Center for Sociocultural Research within the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

Two sessions organized by the Center for Sociocultural Research of the National Research University Higher School of Economics within Section T “Social and Cultural processes” of the XXII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, took place on April 14th via MS Teams platform.

Sessions program:

Values and Social Capital in the Context of Digitalization of Russian Society

Working language: Russian

Moderator: A. Tatarko (HSE University)

- E. Maklasova (HSE University), A. Tatarko (HSE University), D. Dubrov (HSE University): Relationship Between Individual Values and Involvement in Using ICT in Different Age Groups.

- D. Dubrov (HSE University): The relationship between involvement in the use of information and communication technologies and family social capital.

- M. Efremova (HSE University), M. Bultseva (HSE University): The relationship between ICT engagement, values, and prosocial behavior in online and offline contexts.

- T. Nestik (Institute of Psychology RAS): Attitudes toward new technologies and value orientations of Russians.

- A. Tatarko (HSE University): Relationship between social capital and ICT usage: the role of individual values.

Migration and Its Consequences for Migrants and Host Society

Working language: English

Moderators: N. Lebedeva (HSE University), E. Tartakovsky (Tel Aviv University)

Discussant: J. W. Berry (Queen University, HSE University)

- K. Boehnke (HSE University), M. van Egmond (Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken), D. Schiefer (DeZIM), S. Roccas (Open University of Israel), K. Hanke (University of Applied Management Studies), Y. Klar (University of Tel Aviv)

Conceiving one’s national group as a transgenerational entity: Effects on attitudes towards ‘foreign’ and diaspora migrants

- V. Galyapina (HSE University), M. Bultseva (HSE University)

Study of the migrant integration policy (MIPEX) in Russia 

- E. Tartakovsky (Tel Aviv University)

Is Emigration Worth the Trouble? Satisfaction with Life, Group Identifications, Perceived Discrimination, and Socio-Economic Status of Immigrants and Stayers 

- N. Lebedeva (HSE University), V. Galyapina (HSE University), Z. Lepshokova (HSE University)

Intercultural Contacts, Social Identities and Psychological Well-Being of Ethnic Minorities in Different Contexts 

The video recordings of the sessions are available for viewing on the channel of the Center for Sociocultural Research and on the Official Channel of the April Conference.