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X International Scientific Conference "Culture in Society, Between Groups and Across Generations".

On November 8, 2023, the X International Scientific Conference "Culture in Society, Between Groups and Across Generations" was held, annually organized by the Center for Sociocultural Research at HSE University. The event also featured a roundtable discussion on "What is happening to the identity of Russians amidst the special military operation?"

Members of the Center for Sociocultural Research, as well as colleagues from other Russian universities participated in the conference.
The brief conference program included:
10:00 – 10:10. Conference opening.
10:10 – 11:45. Section 1. Social identity of Russians in the context of global challenges.
10:10 – 11:45. Section 2. Social identity of young Russians in the context of global challenges.
11:45 – 12:00. Coffee break.
12:00 – 13:35. Section 3. Fears, anxieties, and the general emotional climate of Russian society.
12:00 – 13:35. Section 4. Psychology of stereotypes and prejudices.
13:35 – 14:30. Break.
14:30 – 16:05. Section 5. New trends in research on intercultural relations and acculturation.
14:30 – 16:05. Section 6. Intercultural relations in the educational environment.
16:05 – 16:20. Break.
16:20 – 17:55. Section 7. Psychology of prosocial behavior and social activity.
16:20 – 17:55. Section 8. Young research
17:55 – 18:10. Break.
18:10 – 19:30. Roundtable discussion on "What is happening to the identity of Russians in the context of the special military operation?"

Section 1: Social Identity of Russians in the Context of Global Challenges.
1. T.A. Nestik ("Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences") - "The Impact of Military Conflicts on the Psychological State of Society: Prospective Research Directions."
2. A.N. Tatarko (HSE University) - "Civic Identity and Mental Health of Russians: The Role of Psychological Coping Strategies in the Context of Sanction Policies."
3. I.V. Zadorin (Autonomous Non-profit Organization Zadorin's Sociological Workshop, CIRCON Research Group) - "Distribution of Different Types of Territorial-Civic Identity in Russia and Neighboring Countries."
4. E.V. Cherny, M.A. Latysheva (V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University) - "Features of the Formation of Political-Ideological and Civic Identity among Crimean Student Youth."
5. N.M. Lebedeva, E.D. Vasilieva, A.V. Trifonova (HSE University) - "Crisis of Ethnic and Civic Identities of Russians in the Context of Global Challenges."

Section 2: Social Identity of Young Russians in the Context of Global Challenges.
1. M.V. Tum (Center for Social Anthropology and Personality Formation, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University) - "Influence of Cultural Traditions on the Formation of Moral Attitudes in Students' Social Identity."
2. S.E. Chernaya ("V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University") - "Study of Political-Ideological Marginality in Student Youth."
3. V.A. Fedotova (HSE University-Perm, Perm State National Research University) - "Civic and Ethnic Identity of Russians: The Role of Values in Their Formation."
4. D.G. Valuev (Center for Social Anthropology and Personality Formation, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University) - "'Quasi-Citizenship' among Student Youth: Risks and Challenges in Citizen Education."
5. E.G. Shkorubskaia (Center for Social Anthropology and Personality Formation, V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University) - "Value-Meaning Aspects of Sociocultural Identity among University Students."

Section 3: Fears, Anxieties, and the General Emotional Climate of Russian Society
1. V.N. Galyapina (HSE University) - "The Relationship Between Russian Values, Fears, and Psychological Well-being: An Intergenerational Analysis."
2. E.V. Maklasova (HSE University) - "The Role of Anxiety in Shaping Russians' Attitudes Towards Corruption."
3. M.A. Bultseva (HSE University) - "The Interrelation of Emotional Climate, Emotional States, and Positive Creativity."
4. L.A. Okolskaya (Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences Federal Research Center) - "Social Conditioning of Emotions in Russians from 2014 to 2023."
5.  A.V. Leontyeva, Y.S. Ryabkov (HSE University) - "Self-Care Practices at the Intersection of Maintaining Mental Health and Lifestyle."

Section 4: Psychology of Stereotypes and Prejudices
1. E.S. Komyaginskaya, D.S. Grigoryev, A.A. Gallyamova (HSE University) - "The role of cultural perceptions in shaping the content of ethnic stereotypes."
2. E.A. Averina (Tomsk State University) - "The Role of Technology in Shaping Attitudes Towards People with Disabilities."
3. E.D. Vasilieva, N.M. Lebedeva, A.A. Gallyamova, E.S. Komyaginskaya (HSE University) - "Negotiations with Representatives of Far Eastern Countries Through the Eyes of Russians."
4. D.I. Dubrov, A.A. Batkhina, D.W. Berry, T. Yurchik, D.S. Grigoryev (HSE University) - "The Link Between Assimilationism, Ethnic Daltonism, Multiculturalism, and Polyculturalism with Intergroup Prejudices."
5. T.A. Terekhova, E.L. Trofimova (Irkutsk State University) - "Cross-Cultural Study of Economic Self-Determination of Russian and Mongolian Entrepreneurs."

Section 5: New Trends in Research on Intercultural Relations and Acculturation
1. Z.Kh. Lepshokova (HSE University) - "Tripartite Analysis of Acculturation and Adaptation of the Host Population: Expectations, Perception, and Strategies."
2. L.F. Borusyak (Moscow City University) - "The New Wave of Emigration: How Adaptation and Integration Occur."
D.S. Grigoryev (HSE University), J.W. Berry, M. Stogianni, Angela-MinhTu D. Nguyen, M. Bender, V. Benet-Martinez - "Integration Hypothesis: Critical Evaluation and Multilevel Meta-Analysis of Three Multinational Data Sets."
R.B. Shaikhislamov (Ufa State Petroleum Technological University) - "Cultural Distance in the Eurasian Ethnocultural Space."
A.A. Gallyamova, D.S. Grigoryev (HSE University) - "How to Become Russian: The Content of National Identity Defining Acculturation Markers for Immigrant Acceptance in Russia."

Section 6: Intercultural Relations in the Educational Environment
1. E.V. Bushina, A.M. Karimova (HSE University) - "The Role of Interpersonal and Intergroup Attitudes in Choosing Strategies for Interaction Among Schoolchildren in Multicultural Classes in Tajikistan."
2. Ch.R. Gromova (Kazan Federal University) - "Qualitative Study of Professional Self-Determination of Students from Migrant Families."
3. N.V. Sabelnikova (HSE University) - "Adaptation of Foreign Students to Life and Study in Russia: The Role of Attachment to Close People."
4. A.S. Berberyan (Russian-Armenian University) - "Identity and Value Orientations of Youth."
5. O.O. Gofman (Saint Petersburg State University) - "Professional Activities of IT Specialists: From Symbol to Human?"

Section 7: Psychology of Prosocial Behavior and Social Activity
1. M.V. Efremova (HSE University) - "The Relationship Between Psychological, Social, and Economic Consequences of the Crisis with Prosocial Behavior and Psychological Well-being of Russians."
2. P.A. Efimova, Z.Kh. Lepshokova (HSE University) - "Optimists, Urbanists, Realists: Profiles of Social Activity of Russian Youth."
3. E.Yu. Kostina, N.A. Orlova (Far Eastern Federal University) - "Social Activity of Modern Youth (Example of Blood Donation)."
4. N.G. Khairullina (Tyumen Industrial University) - "Social Activity of Rural Youth in the South of Tyumen Region."
5. A.S. Titov, Z.Kh. Lepshokova (HSE University) - "Predictors of Charitable Behavior: Individual-Personal, Socio-Economic, and Socio-Psychological."

Section 8: Young Researchers
1. Yu.S. Kuznetsova (HSE University) - "The Image of Russia and the Russian World Among Russians."
2. A.V. Trifonova - "Personal and Contextual Predictors of Adaptation of the Ethnic Majority in Estonia and Kyrgyzstan."
3. S. Berrios, M.A. Bultseva - "The Interest of International Students to Pursue Higher Education in Russia."
4. D.A. Skochilova, V.N. Mukha (Kuban State Technological University) - "Application of Projective Techniques in Socio-Cultural Research of Individual and Group Psychological Well-being."
5. L.A. Posmetyukha, O.R. Tuchina (Kuban State Technological University) - "Values as Socio-Psychological Predictors of Migration Behavior of Youth (Based on the Research of Students in Kuban)."
6. G.Ya. Rodionov (HSE University) - "The Relationship Between Social Identity and Acculturation Preferences: The Role of Perceived Threat, Social Capital, and Self-Efficacy."

During the roundtable, chaired by Dr. Nadezhda Mikhailovna Lebedeva, PsyD, academic supervisior of the Center for Sociocultural Research at HSE University, relevant issues regarding the identity of Russians in the current sociopolitical changes were discussed. Special attention was paid to the influence of the special military operation on the formation and change of the Russian identity. Participants actively discussed how the Russian identity can serve as a resource to overcome difficulties. The discussion also touched on the crisis of ethnic and civic identity among those who remained in Russia and those who left the country, as well as coping strategies with this crisis. In the final part of the event, questions were raised about how social psychologists can assist in the current situation and what measures need to be taken to support those who wish to return to Russia.

The roundtable became a platform for deep analysis and discussion of the role of identity in complex social and political conditions, highlighting the need for further research and collaboration in this area.