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Russian partners 

University of Groningen 



Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology (Russian Academy of Science)





Institute of Psychology (Russian Academy of Science)




Psychology Department of Moscow State University




Stavropol State University




Penza State University

International partners




International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology




Tilburg University 


Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences



Prof. Anu Realo, University of Tartu 


Prof. Peter Smith, Sussex University 



Prof. Eldad Davidov, University of Zurich 





Dr. Eugene Tartakovsky, Tel Aviv University 



Dr. Ronald Fischer, Victoria University of Wellington 



Dr. Hermann Duelmer, Institute for Data Analysis and Data Archiving, University of Cologne 



Dr. Daniel Oberski, Expert Сentre for Survey Research, Pompeu Fabra University



Prof. Jaak Billiet, Prof.  Bart Meuleman , Catholic University of Leuven



Prof. Sebastian Bamberg, Biefeld University of Applied Science



Prof. Markku Verkasalo, University of Helsinki



Prof. Michael Harris Bond, The Chinese University of Hong Kong



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