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Members of ILSCR at the XVI April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

On April 7th – 10th HSE hosted the XVI April international conference on economic and social development.The conference is cross-disciplinary, and members of various fields and disciplines participate. Members of ILSCR participated in the organization of three sessions of the “Sociocultural processes” section and delivered the following talks.

1. Economic psychology session

Session Chair: S. Breugelmans

S. Breugelmans "On Greed" 

I. van Beest  "Three is more than two: when strength is weakness"

O. V. Poluektova (HSE), M. V. Efremova (HSE), O. I. Patosha (HSE)
Individual psychological characteristics of people living in poverty in comparison to wealthier people


2. Trust, social capital and economic behavior session

Session Chair: A. Tatarko

A. Khaptsova "The influence of values and political attitudes on trust towards the media”

A. TatarkoS.ChuvashovA. Mironova. "The effects of cultural diversity on social capital in Russian context”
A. Yelachov, L. Polischuk, T. Nathov “Military experience and social capital: An empirical analysis”


Determinants of mutual integration in multicultural societies session
Session Chairs: 
J. BerryN. M. Lebedeva

J. Berry "Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies" 

C. Ward J. Wilson "Testing the Multiculturalism Hypothesis: Perceived Threat and Cultural Ideologies as Predictors of Attitudes toward Ethnic Out-groups in a Plural Society"

R. Vetik  "Acculturation as Positioning in Social Field: a Relational Acculturation Model"

T. А. Ryabichenko, I. Plotka "Motivation for ethno-cultural continuity and acculturation strategies among two generations of Russians in Latvia" 

N. M. LebedevaA. Tatarko "Testing Three Hypotheses of Intercultural Relations in Russia and Latvia" 

T. N. Kanonire "Does bilingual education matters: Russian-Latvian bilingual adolescents’ verbal comprehension"  


A member of ILSCR L.Grigoryan took part in the “Organizational culture” session, where she delivered a talk “Values as a basis for informal ties and organizational loyalty in organizations in various countries”.

A special thank you to Kamila Isaeva, a research trainee at ILSCR and a 1 year graduate student at “Applied Social Psychology” program for hard work as a secretary of the section.